Concept note on Green Modernisation of the Ukrainian Economy September 2014 This publication


1. Current ‘business model’ of the Ukrainian Economy
2. Challenges
3. Recommendation
3.1. Long-term measures
3.2. Short-term measures
3.2.1. Government –supported short-term work schemes
3.2.2. Public procurement schemes
3.2.3. Increasing openness to FDI and joint ventures

Baseline study on key Industrial Sectors Considered to be Crucial for a Transition to a Green Economy in Ukraine


1. Identification of important industry sectors
2. Analysis of resource- and energy intensity of industry sectors
3. Analysis of investment and innovative activities of industry sectors
4. Analysis of influence on environment of industry sectors
5. Short analysis of potential on energy- and resource saving in different industry sectors
6. Criteria and arguments for the selection key industry sectors considered to be crucial for a transition to a green economy
7. Outlook

Briefing paper on Green Economy


1. What is understood by a Green Economy?
2. Why is a shift towards a Green Economy needed and beneficial to Ukraine?
3. What kind of approaches, strategies and policy instruments exist in order to enable a transition towards a Green Economy?
4. How can GIZ support the transformation process towards a Green Economy?
5. Country examples of Green Economy Strategies
6. Literature

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