Eco-apps for Eco-responsibility 18.07.2017

On 13th of July 2017 the Centre for CSR Development held its regular Green Hub meeting on the topic “Eco-apps for eco-responsibility”. Experts and business representatives discussed eco-apps, in the world and particularly in Ukraine, which encourage people to take responsible behavior.
During the event, the following eco-apps and eco-resources were discussed:
Let’s Do It Ukraine – Ukrainian app, which helps organise sorting of household waste and locate the nearest places for collection of recycled materials.
Interactive map of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine – a map of unauthorised landfills. Ukrainian citizens can take pictures of them and download them with geolocation data. The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources will respond to these reports.
PV – Solar Power System helps to calculate the required capacity of solar panels and calculate the required power of devices such as water pumps, etc.
Bosch Solar Friend (iOS) is a programme which helps calculate the optimal solar power for domestic consumption, depending on the type of house and roof.
Energy efficiency calculator “CLEEN” designed to calculate priorities in energy-efficiency measures to be taken in the house or office. The calculator is also effective for energy managers of cities.
Plant a tree is an app through which everyone can plant a tree in any country in the world and share the information of how many trees planted. It also reminds of the irrigation of own trees.
EcoChallenge is an app with a list of different eco-players and competitions where everyone can participate, testing themselves and becoming more environment friendly.
CO2 Emissions Calculator is an app to calculate a carbon footprint from air flights.
By the end of the meeting participants discussed what should be done to invite people and companies to use such apps. The most participants agreed that they are not ready to install a lot of eco-apps, but the idea to locate such apps on one web-site or internet source is very relevant. It will help to find all the necessary information at one source.

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