Project “Green Solutions – Sustainable Future” in Dnipropetrovsk Region 01.03.2018

The Committee on Green Economy and Implementation of the Regional Development Strategy continues carrying out the approved action plan in Dnipropetrovesk region. One of the major activities of the Committee in 2017 was the successful launch of the project “Green Solutions – Sustainable Future” ( The project was initiated by the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Organisation of Employers in cooperation with the Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency, Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council and the Green Economy Programme. It serves as a regional platform to promote green initiatives and green solutions among business entities, students and the community of Dnipropetrovsk region.
Within the framework of the project a database “Regional Green Solutions” was created. The database contains information about regional enterprises, which are either producers or importers of green technologies or use such technologies in their manufacturing. The information for creating such database has been provided by the business entities of the region through questionnaires, aiming at collecting statistical information and providing enterprises a relevant status according their performance towards the green economy. The collected information is publicly available and published on the project’ website.
Moreover, the “Business Club of the Leaders of Green Economy” was established. Participants of the Club are actively implementing environmentally friendly and resource-efficient technologies and equipment in their businesses. The Club organises regularly thematic meetings “in the field”. During these meetings participants consider complex issues related to the improvement of the environmental situation in the region and the introduction of new mechanisms for their implementation, in particular, in the area of renewable energy and waste management. Any private person or organisation, concerned with environmental safety and resource conservation, can become a member of the Club.

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